Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks Living

Thanksgiving is to memory as the spoon is to the bowl,
it stirs the pot and gratitude of those things that render hearts full.

We're all thankful for this land, the freedom and democracy,
but most of all we're grateful for the little niceties.

For the utter thrill and joyous faith bestowed by those we love,
I thank the people who gave me hope and delivered me like a dove.

The year's been fraught with countless mistakes, some careless as the last,
but the presence of my steadfast friends has made irrelevant the past.

To all the people near and far, in high spirits or in low,
trust that friends will reveal your light, and confident tidings you shall sow.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Amanda :)

Snood/cape: Anthropologie (old).

All photos courtesy of Alex Zhu.

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