Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Never a Moment Too Late

Your lover, your best friend, your roommate, your coworker, your boss, that guy down the street who delivers chicken wings.  

Do you think they would have ever assumed those particular titles had you judged them based on your first five minutes of interaction?  Not even the chicken wing guy would be who he is today had you not given him a second chance.

Over the past several weeks, I have spent many moments in contemplation over the friendships I have lost and those I retain today.  Much to my surprise, I have concluded that most of the people who emitted the most effervescent impressions are no longer my friends.  For good reason, a falling out ensued once I  became aware of the sheer contrivances and underlying complexes lining their behavior.

In contrast, some of my dearest friends to this day are those whom, at first encounter, I may have considered relatively bland or under-enthused.  Once fate awarded me a second opportunity for reconnaissance, however, I realized just how refreshingly down-to-Earth and strong these people were.  Though imperfect, these individuals possessed all the qualities I had always valued, before flashes of pretension beguiled me.

It's precisely those people who don't feel the urge to put on a show whenever they meet someone new whom you want to know.  Otherwise, you never know when you're getting the performance or just the curtains.

Take your time,
Amanda :)

Vest: Ralph Lauren (old).  Tank: Similar here.  Pants: Ann Taylor.  Hat: Banana Republic (old).  Scarf: Adrienne Landau (old; similar here).  Bag: Louis Vuitton.

All photos courtesy of Eric Pan.


  1. <3 Beautiful girl. Wise words

    1. Thank you so very much. I'm delighted to know my words are reaching someone. :)