Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hued Awakening

College really is the petri dish of all things rude and awakening.

Friday night presented me with quite the whirlwind tour of all that's amiss in my life, from my lack of organization skills to the consequences of my procrastination to my tendency to overbook myself.  I felt as though I disappointed about ten different people that night, each for a unique reason, but all under the blanket of frazzled cluelessness.

First, I invited my friend to take pictures for this very blog.  Seeing as though I trip over something in my room five times on average every time I step into it, I of course hadn't prepared a systematic outfit lineup for the photo shoot.  In the midst of frantic foraging, my friend Christine surprised me at my door, expecting a quiet evening of homework and good cheer.  My dear girl didn't know what she was getting herself into.

As soon as I managed to scrounge up a silver sequin backless dress amidst that pigsty, we all adjourned to the lakefront, at which point it began to sprinkle cold and heartache on my friends as they snapped countless pictures of me in dismal solitude. O__O

Alright, that last paragraph was mostly for comedic effect, but seriously, my night only reached higher echelons of oblivion as it came time for my roommate dinner.  I already felt indebted to my friends for braving the tumultuous conditions of Chicago Early-Mid Fall, so I decided to bring them with me to this pre-scheduled dinner, unbeknownst to my future roommates.  Given that this tomfoolery only measured about a 3.5 on my Trick-ter Scale, I figured now was the time for my future mates to decide whether such antics would knock me out of the roommate equation.

Much to my relief, they did not, and everyone had a great time intermingling on common bonds of Amanda vexation.  Hey, works for me!

Subsequent to the mounting chaos and failed comedic undertones, I realized there are two ways to approach such rude awakenings.  For one, you can dwell on them and ultimately change nothing about your routine in the long run.  Or, two, you can transmute the angst into motivation to be better, to do better, and to live better.  I think I'll choose the latter.  Trust me, life is much better here on Earth than it is in outer space.

May gravity be your deliverance,
Amanda :)

Dress: Paperdolls Boutique (St. Louis).  Hat: Urban Outfitters (old; love this one).  Gloves: J. Crew (old).  Bag: J. Crew (old).  Shoes: Urban Outfitters (old; love these).

Photos by Eric Pan.

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