Sunday, December 1, 2013

Catch 21

Only two days after Thanksgiving and one day after Black Friday, I happily complete the trio of holiday merriment in wishing my brother and myself a very Happy 21st Birthday!  We deserve it, bro! ;)

Now that I'm 21, I am officially entitled to nearly all the privileges of any other adult: bar-hopping (meh), club-hopping (wheee!), ballot-hopping (relevant only pre-1971--see 26th Amendment history), etc., etc.  Unfortunately, I must defer the right to rent a car until 25 and the freedom to purchase Walgreen's compressed air until 40...

Nonetheless, there is no quarreling with the fact that something special lies within the advent of one's 21st year.  It's the feeling that almost nothing--physical or virtual--stands in the way of one's most destined enterprises.  

While I never cared for recreation of the alcoholic variety, I always sensed an inherent barrier between adults under and over 21, even within one campus community.  In imputing a great sum of youth misconduct to underaged drinking, society has encircled the under-21 populace in an overwhelming stigma suggesting irrevocable incompetence.  As a result, even the kids who work hard to combat such age stereotypes face latent and explicit hurdles in the form of continual skepticism and certain age restrictions by our seniors.

This milestone birthday entails not only a fully functional driver's license and weekly rendez-vous to The Mid but also a freedom that brings with it ultimate accessibility to the triumphs for which I have endeavored my whole life to achieve.

Nothing is impossible, but some generational seasoning never hurts to bridge the gaps. ;)

Patience is a virtue, and aging is an art,
Amanda :)

Top: The District at Hinsdale (old).  Necklace: J. Crew (old).  Coat: Saks Fifth Avenue (old).  Pants: Ann Taylor.  Shoes: J. Crew.

All photos courtesy of Sean Su.