Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Pilot Post

Welcome, everyone, to my fashion blog! :) This compilation of editorial and stylistic expression has been a long time coming for me, and I am thrilled to finally possess the means to share it with friends and the world at large.  A little about myself: My name is Amanda, and I am currently double-majoring in Linguistics and Legal Studies at Northwestern University, with the goal of attending law school.  Over the past two years in college, I have developed a deep passion for human rights and immigration law, which I hope to integrate into my eventual career.  In fact, I am in the process of writing a thesis comparing asylum procedures in the U.S. and Canada, particularly pertaining to women.  Above all else, I hope to secure justice and triumph for the under-acknowledged and underrepresented members of society, and to break every debilitating stereotype.

As for the reason why I've created this blog...  Ever since about 8th grade, I've embraced an undying verve for fashion.  While other kids fiddled with their Gameboys and iPod Shuffles or whatever, I was cutting up every issue of Vogue and pasting my favorite looks into a series of spiral notebooks, alphabetized according to designer and celebrity name.  That pastime continues unabashedly to this day, but I do hope this blog will bring something a little less amateur and a lot more universal and valuable out of me.

Sure, my love for fashion is a hobby, but it is also my lifestyle--an inextricable component of my being.  What I wear is not only a external reflection of who I am, but it is also intimately linked to how I personally perceive the world and what I feel some daily artistic expression--in the form of, say, a furry red scarf or some cheetah print jeans--can contribute to it.

So I very much hope you enjoy viewing my posts and reading my occasional rants...or commentary--whatever you'd like to call it! ;) No matter what you do in this life, do it your way, for yourself, and about yourself.  Trust that you will find your meaning and all that may entail, because you WILL.   And remember, a little honest experimentation never hurt anyone. ;)

All my love and appreciation,
Amanda :)

Scarf: Bloomingdale's (old; similar here).  Pin: Chanel.  Bag: Miu Miu (old).  Top: Banana Republic.  Jeans: Ann Taylor (old; love these).  Shoes: Dillard's (old; love these).

All photos courtesy of Eric Pan.

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